Can't find the answer you're looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

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What are wall decals exactly?

Wall decals are names, shapes and designs that are printed onto removable wall fabric. They are an easy, fun and affordable way to add a little flair to a room or change the look of it completely. All our decals and wallpapers are handmade to order, and we offer a large variety of designs from super subtle to highly dramatic. 

Why should I use Rocky Mountain wall decals? 

We pride ourselves in having the perfect decal design for every room. Boys room, check. Girls room, check. Laundry room, check. Bathroom, check. Master bedroom, check, you get the picture! With every order printed onto high quality and removable materials, you can add a splash of excitement to any space with the greatest of ease and have peace of mind that the decals can be removed at any time without leaving any damage or residue on your walls.

Where are Rocky Mountain Decals made?

Our murals, wallpaper, and decals are proudly made in sunny southern Alberta, Canada!

Where can I use Rocky Mountain wall decals? 

We would love to say anywhere, however, they are best suited for warm interiors and smooth surfaces. Painted walls with a smooth finish are the most commonly applied surfaces, but mirrors or smooth metal will also work. 

Will Rocky Mountain wall decals stick to textured walls? 

While some of our customers have had success applying our wallpaper to mildly textured walls, we cannot guarantee they will stick.

The raised bumps of a textured wall reduce the amount of surface area that our adhesive can attach to, thus increasing the chances of having future issues.  We are more then happy to send out a sample to try out on your wall.

Samples can be found in the drop down menu of most of our listings.

I have my wall measurements, how much wallpaper will I need?

Measure your wall(s) at the tallest and widest point, ignoring all windows and doors. Once you have those measurements in inches, input them on our wallpaper calculator!

The wall I want to cover has a window, door or slanted ceiling. How do I measure?

We recommend ignoring any obstacles like windows and doors when determining quantity/measurements. We provide full length sheets vs one large roll of paper that you cut and match up yourself. This way, you can trim around things (windows/doors) as you install. This guarantees you will get the seamless repeating look without running out of wallpaper.

We do not recommend ordering sheets in varying sizes. If you think that may be the best option for your space, please reach out to cameo@rockymountaindecals.ca to confirm.

Will the wallpaper look like the images on your website?

We cannot guarantee that the wallpaper will be a perfect match to what you see on your screen. There is a variance in colors from screen to screen and to what our printers produce. While we try our best to provide accurate photos on our website, we recommend first ordering a sample to ensure it will work in your space.

How easy is it to install Rocky Mountain wall decals? 

If the proper steps are followed as laid out in the instruction packet included with every order, then EASY! It helps to have a friend to help and not to rush. With a little patience you will have your room transformed before you know it!

See our wallpaper installation instructions here!

I rent - Is it safe to use wall decals?

Absolutely! Removable wallpaper and decals are tailor made for the renter, easy install, easy removal, looks stunning and gives your space a unique and personalized feel.

How long should I wait to install my decals on freshly-painted walls?

As paint manufactures are all slightly different, we strongly suggest giving any freshly painted walls the recommended drying time as stated on the can. This would not be the “dry to touch” time but rather the time to “fully cure”, typically around 30 days.

We recommend an egg-shell or semi-gloss latex interior paint for best results.

Are all Rocky Mountain Decal products PVC Free?

Our large print peel and stick products are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate which is the world's most common form of polyester. This material is also used in clothing and most food safe containers (pop bottles, milk jugs etc.) because it is nontoxic, BPA free, PVC free and VOC free. 

We print onto this material using genuine HP latex ink which is non toxic, ECOLOGO and GREENGUARD certified.

How do I remove Rocky Mountain wall decals?

The key here is to go slow and steady; These are decals, not band-aides! Using clean hands, find a top corner, and carefully peel it away from the wall. Once you have it started, pull the decal straight down (against itself) in a slow, smooth motion. If it proves to be a little stubborn, warm the area up with a standard hairdryer as you go. This will help soften the adhesive, causing it to release from the wall freely.

Adhere the wallpaper or decals to wax paper for transportation.

I've ordered! How long will shipping take?

Shipping Times - Canada
Delivery time is between 2-5 business days* within Canada via Purolator.

Shipping Times - United States 
Delivery time is between 5-10 business days* to the United States via Purolator/UPS. *

Shipping Times - International

We ship via FedEx. Please note delivery times for International Orders vary by destination country. Delivery time is between 2-5 weeks*. Very occasionally it can take up to 8 weeks. Any delays are typically caused by the Custom's Agency in the destination country.

I have ordered from outside of Canada, are there any additional costs?

Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in item price or shipping costs; these charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what, if any, these additional costs will be before purchasing.

When will my order arrive?

Once your order has been put through production at our little shop, you will receive an email (check your junk mail!) with the tracking information. This will be the best way to get an estimated delivery date!

Do you allow returns?

Because of the custom nature of our products, we do not accept returns. Please ensure you have ordered exactly the amount of wallpaper required to complete your project. Feel free to reach out to us or use our wallpaper calculator prior to ordering.

Once your order has been delivered, please take a moment to remove the items from the box, ensuring you have received exactly what have ordered.

Rocky Mountain Decals will not offer exchanges on defective items beyond 30 days of delivery.