What are wall decals exactly?

Wall decals are the latest craze to sweep across the home decor movement. Also referred to as wall stickers or wall tattoos, they are colored designs cut on a thin self adhesive vinyl which can be applied to almost any smooth surface.   They transform the look of any room in minutes and are very popular due to their easy application and affordability.

Why should I use Rocky Mountain wall decals? 
We use the highest quality commercial grade indoor matte vinyl (with non permanent adhesive) which is manufactured to peel off easily without leaving any residue or damage on your walls. Since our wall decals are contour cut from the highest quality indoor matte vinyl available, they give the appearance of being painted directly onto the wall rather than a shiny sticker.

Where can I use Rocky Mountain wall decals? 
Our wall decals can be applied to just about any smooth surface including dry-wall (your typical interior wall), glass (windows/mirrors) and metal.

Will Rocky Mountain wall decals stick to textured walls? 
Textures and finishes vary greatly from wall to wall, so we cannot guarantee a smooth adhesion on textured walls. While a lot of our customers have had success applying out decals to textured walls, we cannot guarantee they will stick flat. We are more then happy to send out a sample to try out on your wall. Please contact rockymountaindecals@outlook.com for more info. 

How easy is it to install Rocky Mountain wall decals? 
It is an effortless and fast process.  This is just one of the huge benefits of using wall decals over paint or old-fashioned wallpaper. We include step-by-step instructions with every order. 

How long should I wait to install my decals on freshly-painted walls?
We recommend 30 days to allow for the paint to be fully cure before applying wall decals.

How do I remove Rocky Mountain wall decals? 
Just as easily as you applied them! Our wall decals can be removed by slowly peeling them off the wall. If they are hard to move due to long-term application, simply apply heat from a hairdryer to soften the vinyl. 

I rent - Is it safe to use wall decals? 
100% YES!  Our decals use a removable adhesive that is non permanent, making them the perfect solution for renters.  They will not form a permanent bond with your wall paint.