6 Floral-Inspired Ways to Get You Excited for Summer

With the arrival of June comes a race towards Summer. Flowers are blooming, lambs are being born, and the temperatures are rising (yay for no snow!) In fact, I can feel an extra spring in my step just thinking about it.

The lighter, sun-soaked days give us a chance to look at our houses with a fresh set of eyes. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of quick ways to brighten up your home interior for Summer. All of these 6 ideas are fast, easy to achieve and leave a big impact for a small price!  anyPlease feel free to share other ideas or ways that you bring some Summer vibes into your home in the comments below.

1. Treat yourself to a new milk jug vase (like this one from IKEA) or create your own vase set, and add fresh tulips or wildflowers from the roadside.
Bonus tip: Separate the milk bottles and flowers afterwards to give to your guests as party favours. 
Floral DIY Vases rockymountaindecals.ca

2. Freshen up your sofa with feminine floral pillows. We love the current range at Home Sense and Chapters, or you could simply upcycle your current pillows with a pompom border or a string of lace. 
Floral Pillowcases

3. Convert a vintage colander into an easy DIY flower pot display. Tutorial details below.
Easy DIY Flower Pot display Convert a Colander into a planter www.rockymountaindecals.ca

4. Create an indoor floral jungle with an old stepladder (from a thrift store) and a pile of old pots and fresh plants. 
Indoor Floral Jungle rockymountaindecals.ca

5. Add a floral wall decal to a bland wall in your home, like our cute "Herbs of Providence" wall decal available here

6. Hang up your Boots. Simply install a metal grommet (available for $8 here) on the back of each gumboot. Loop a strip of burlap ribbon through the grommets. Place a 3 inch wide cylindrical vase in both boot heels. Stabilize with tissue paper if required. Fill vase with water and flowers. Then tie ends of ribbon together and hang on a nail.

Boots DIY FLoral project

Do you have any other ideas to freshen up your home for Summer?

1. Floral Vases
2. Floral Cushions
3. Colander Tutorial 
4. Indoor Jungle
5. Floral Wall Decal

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