Ideas For Playroom Decor That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

1. Create a hideaway

A child's room needs a special place - something unique that they are pleased to show to their pals. Creating a nook under the bed is the perfect way to transform it into a cosy den.
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2. Invest in fun, yet, functional bedding
Putting the kids to bed becomes a breeze when they love the place they sleep. The new bedding range by Cotton On is full of bright colors and fun prints - sure to bring a smile to any face.
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Souce: Cotton On

3. Add beautiful toys
There are so many beautiful wooden toys being crafted for our generation's littles. This robin's egg blue, retro-inspired tractor has been handcrafted with a flat bed for your child to hold favorite stuffed animals or beloved blankets that must come along for the ride.
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4. Spruce up a blank wall
Take your little one on a trip around the world with our large world map wall decal. Easy to apply, and leaves no damage on walls. A hundred times easier, faster and cheaper than paint or wallpaper! 

5. Paint a little house
How to cozy up your child's sleeping area without emptying your wallet: Tape out any shape of a house in the corner, use a primer first and let it dry, then use paint color you like. Get rid of the tape. Push the bed in, space is ready for moving in. Use our mini star decals for a special touch!

Souce: Jujuzozo Kids

Not sure about you, but these playroom ideas kinda makes me wanna be a kid again!

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