Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Cards

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Cards DIY

We have seen so many peoples instagram stories saying there has been a shortage of Valentine’s Day gift cards/treats! So we figured why not come up with a solution! Have leftover wallpaper? Try this cute little DIY Valentine’s Day cards!

DIY Valentine's day hack with removable wallpaper with gold scissors and washi tape and flowers

Supplies you will need: 
- left over wallpaper (linked here)
- label maker
- dried flowers (or any embellishments you have!)
- washi tape 
Cut out any shape (a heart would be cute!) from your leftover wallpaper. Punch out a cute message with your label maker. Add the embellishments you were using, dried flowers, etc. Get creative here! You can use glitter, stickers, jewels, beads, polaroid picture.. the possibilities are truly endless.
Voila! You have yourself a cute, homemade Valentine's Day card. Happy love day!  

DIY Valentine's day hack with removable wallpaper craft
Removable wallpaper used: Summer nights
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