Can Wall Decals Stick To Textured Walls?

Can Wall Decals Stick To Textured Walls? - Rocky Mountain Decals

Wall decals are great for adding fun designs to any room in your home. They're also easy to remove when you change decorating styles.

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While it is possible for wall decals stick to textured walls, it is not guaranteed and is best to stick to smooth walls.

This is because the raised bumps of a textured wall can reduce the amount of surface area that our adhesive can attach to, thus increasing the chances of having future peeling issues. 

We are more than happy to send out a sample to try out on your wall. Samples can be found in the drop down menu of most of our listings.

Check out our extensive FAQ here for more commonly asked questions, and take a peek at our extensive range of peel and stick floral wall decals here!



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